Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life


Ceremonies and Services


with Dr. Janine H. Burns & Associates

with Dr. Janine H. Burns & Associates


The Guiding Light Foundation is:


A Spiritual Organization focused on, but not limited to, offering services to those who call themselves “spiritual, but not religious.”

A Caring Organization providing Celebration of Life Memorials and Funerals and the facilitation of Weddings, Baby Naming Ceremonies and other Special Ceremonies.

A Teaching Organization dedicated to training professional caregivers and individuals in Essential Self-Care techniques.

Served by Associates who are compassionate and caring licensed Interfaith Chaplains. Each is trained in offering positive prayer as well as teaching Essential Self-Care techniques and basic meditation skills. All the Associates of the GLF are certified in their respective fields.

A 501(c) (3) not-for-profit corporation with Dr. Janine H. Burns as Director of the Guiding Light Foundation (GLF). (Federal Tax-Exempt ID: 11-3543301) Our Associates serve the Long Island/New York City and Tri State areas. We also are in the South Bend Indiana area. Our Associates are also available to travel to your particular destination.





Guiding Light Foundation (GLF)

P.O. Box 472

Woodbury, NY 11797




Dr. Janine H. Burns

Interfaith Chaplin

Director, GLF

631-427-2897 Office

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