Guiding Light Foundation (GLF) is focused on, but not limited to, offering services to those who call themselves “spiritual, but not religious”. Served by Associates who are each trained in providing positive prayer and teaching basic meditation skills and relaxation techniques, all the Associates of the GLF are certified in their respective fields. Several of our Associates serve the Long Island/New York City and Tri State areas and we also serve the South Bend Indiana area. Our Associates are available to travel to your destination.



Our Associates:

Dr. Janine H. Burns is an Interfaith Chaplain and Celebrant and a non-denominational Wedding Officiant who received her ordination in 1988. She promotes the use of ceremonies to mark the milestones and transitions in the lives of individuals, families, and organizations.

Dr. Janine is known to be well spoken, poised and heartfelt in her work. Her compassion and gentleness makes her memorial and funeral services comforting while putting all at ease. Her ceremonies celebrate the life of the departed with dignity, honor and respect. Dr. Janine’s caring heart will support you at your most difficult time and her soothing manner will console and reassure you.

Over her years of service Dr. Janine realized there were many people who called themselves “spiritual, but not religious,” who had nowhere to turn when they required spiritual services. Because they didn’t belong to a particular house of worship or temple, they had difficulty obtaining any kind of spiritual services that would meet their particular need or support whether in times of crisis and transitions or on occasion of celebrating the of milestones in their lives.

Motivated to provide spiritual services, rather than religious, Dr. Janine returned to school and in 1997 received her Doctorate of Divinity degree from Emerson Theological Institute and in 1999 earned her Interfaith Ministry credential. In 2001 she became an Interfaith Chaplain with the Guiding Light Foundation and is their Director. In this capacity Dr. Janine presents personalized and heartfelt “Celebration of Life” memorial and funeral services.

Dr. Janine also “loves to do weddings” and has performed the marriage ceremony of over 600 couples. Currently, Dr. Janine is the Corporate Chaplain for Sustainable Portfolio Solutions.

Dr. Janine holds additional credentials including certification in NY State as a Court Mediator, certification in Transformational Breath and training in Peaceful Conflict Resolution. Dr. Janine gives inspirational lectures on Practical Spirituality and is a repeated, featured speaker for the Women’s Gold Rush Conference held in Chicago.

Please note: Dr. Janine H. Burns is registered with The City of New York Office of the City Clerk and submitted her Statement of Ordained Clergy and was registered on August 23, 1996 in Book 2-2-94 on Page 18 as Janine Holthusen-Burns.


Rev. Kathleen Caputo is an ordained, Interfaith Minister and Celebrant and an Associate of the Guiding Light Foundation. She also serves as a Staff Minister at the Center for Spiritual Living Long Island. Her personal mission is to bring peace, love, compassion and joy to everyone she meets and she enjoys working with people of diverse cultures and faiths to realize their life’s potential. She has conducted workshops at the Fashion Institute of Technology, City University of New York, and the New York City Public Schools. Rev. Kathleen is a certified Stress Management Consultant and provides spiritual counseling.

When offering Memorial and Funeral services, Rev. Kathleen listens with her heart and intuitively knows how to assist those going through the grieving process. With deep interest, Kathleen will capture the essence of the deceased and create a service that celebrates the life and love of that person and will be available to the family for support and prayer before, during and after the service. She feels privileged to be included in and to be a source of strength at this very important time in a family’s life.

Rev. Kathleen serves all spiritual and religious communities and her services honor, respect and reflect your spiritual and/or religious beliefs. She is also available for weddings and baby naming/blessing ceremonies and spiritual coaching.

Please note: Rev. Kathleen Caputo submitted her Statement of Ordained Clergy to The City of New York Office of the City Clerk and is registered under ID #779251


Rev. Karen Gigante is an ordained, Interfaith Minister and Celebrant with the Guiding Light Foundation, who brings comfort, compassion, and a loving heart to each individual circumstance. Rev. Karen is honored to be a part of your sacred occasion and it is her desire to bring peace, love and understanding at this difficult time.

As a caring listener, Rev. Karen is ready to assist you in creating a fitting tribute to your loved one that brings comfort and peace for the family and friends. She is happy to take your direction to provide a service of your choosing whether the service is spiritual in nature or religious or just about love – whatever is comfortable and fitting.

Rev. Karen serves as a Staff Minister at the Center for Spiritual Living Long Island. She is also available for weddings and baby naming/blessing ceremonies.

Please note: Rev. Karen Gigante submitted her Statement of Ordained Clergy to The City of New York Office of the City Clerk and is registered under ID #779251


Dr. Barbara Gulbranson works as a Hospice Chaplain in South Bend, Indiana and is a spiritual teacher, author, coach and Celebrant who is an Associate of the Guiding Light Foundation. An ordained Interfaith Minister, she received her Doctorate of Religious Studies from Emerson Theological Institute in 2015.

Dr. Barbara is the founder of Live Your Joy Institute, teaching spiritual principles for joyous living and is the publisher of the Joy Newsletter. Dr. Barbara’s focus is teaching principles of Truth to not only foster growth, healing and happiness of the individual, but to also create peace on Earth.

A prolific author, Dr. Barbara has written several books including: Live Your Joy: How to Awaken from Spiritual Slumber; How to Attract Your Soul Mate: The Secrets of Lasting Love and the e-book, Angel Talk: Five Easy Steps for Connecting with Your Angels.

Dr. Barbara offers individual coaching sessions to deepen your connection with the Power within and experience greater joy, love, success, healing and peace. She uses a compassionate, non-judgmental approach and teaches practical skills to manifest your heart’s desires.

To schedule a coaching session, in person or via Skype, contact Barbara at "". You can also sign up for her monthly Joy Newsletter and learn more about her books.