Celebration of Life Memorial and Funerals

with Dr. Janine H. Burns & Associates

If you have landed on this page, you may be experiencing the loss of a loved one.  We offer you our condolences.

Planning a funeral in the midst of grieving can be quite overwhelming.  We are committed to offering you support you at this difficult time.

Whether it is a memorial, funeral, internment, cremation, or burial at sea, we provide consolation and comfort so you have the strength needed to get through this time of transition. We will guide you through – every step of the way.

Your beliefs and values are paramount in creating the Celebration of Life Service. We provide a personalized service to honor your loved one with dignity, honor and respect. Our goal is offering our services in a caring, soothing fashion that will truly celebrate the life of your loved one.

An effective heartfelt tribute uses words to paint a picture through reminiscing and talking about the many aspects of the person’s life – their family, friends, interests and unique qualities.  We will collaborate with you so your loved one’s character and rich mosaic of their life may be captured. 

Grief is not optional.  

The only cure for grief is grieving. 

Karla B.
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Thank you for your beautiful words at my husband’s memorial. We all think you are awesome!! You healed quite a few hearts with your words. I can’t thank you enough.
Anthony R.
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You created a truly caring and compassionate environment for our memorial service.
John M.
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We were truly touched by your compassion at our grandfather’s memorial. Your caring and soothing words genuinely consoled us.
Scott S.
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Your consoling nature made it a truly memorable and cathartic experience.
Michael H.Funeral Director
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They are consummate professionals. They bring compassionate hearts to their beautiful services.
Fran and Sal B.
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Your service was very uplifting and took away the gloom of the circumstance.
Jan C.
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I and my whole family appreciated your spiritual guidance through a very tough time. I learned how to look at things in a more positive way. I appreciate your conveyance of love, hope and gratitude for life. life.

Dr. Janine H. Burns is known to be well spoken, poised and heartfelt in her work. Her compassion and gentleness make her memorial and funeral services comforting while putting all at ease. Dr. Janine’s caring heart will support you at your most difficult time and her soothing manner will console and reassure you. She offers comfort and peace with her ceremonies that celebrate the life of the departed with dignity, honor and respect.

Dr. Janine is an Interfaith Chaplain and Celebrant who was ordained in 1988. She promotes the use of ceremonies to mark the milestones and transitions in the lives of individuals, families, and organizations. Dr. Janine returned to school and in 1997 received her Doctorate of Divinity degree from Emerson Theological Institute. In 1999, she earned her Interfaith Ministry credential. Then in 2001, she founded the Guiding Light Foundation and serves as their director. In this capacity Dr. Janine presents personalized “Celebration of Life” memorial and funeral services. She “loves to do weddings” and has performed marriage ceremonies for more than 900 couples on Long Island. In 2021 she became a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner offering techniques to reduce stress and raise resilience.